1. What are your office hours?
Our office hours with English assistance is from 9:00A.M~18:00P.M on weekdays, 9:00A.M~13:00P.M on Saturdays,
and closed on Sundays and Japanese holidays.

2. To which countries can you help attain a visa?
Many. Brazil, China, U.S, Australia, Cambodia, etc.
Please get in touch with us about where you would like a visa to so we can help you further.

3. Is it possible to take my pet on the trip?
It is possible depending on your pet, destination, airline, etc.
as long specific requirements are met.

4. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment via bank transfer, cash, and credit cards.

5. Can the Online Flight Reservation system be used to just search for flight prices?
Of course! Our online flight reservation system can be used for just searching up to date prices AND/ OR to reserve the flight(s) for your trip.

6. If I purchase a flight ticket with Unitour can you give recommendations or activities available at the destination?
Yes, just let us know and we can recommend some activities you might be interested in.

Antelope Canyon,
Navajo Nation (Arizona)